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Museum aan de Stroom (MAS)

The MAS or Museum aan de Stroom is a museum in Antwerp which opened in May 2011. The museum is located in the old port on the “Eilandje”. The surface area of the museum building is 1.350 m², on a total surface area of 14,500 m².


MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp, the former Provincial Textile and Costume Museum in Oelegem, has been located since 2002 in the centre of Antwerp in the Antwerp Fashion Nation building.

Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst

The Museum of Modern Art, is a museum of modern and contemporary art in Antwerp. MuHKA is housed in a converted and extended old grain storage space from 1926 and is situated on Waalsekaai 47.


The FOMU is the expertise and meeting centre in Flanders for current and historical photography in all its forms.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

The Plantin-Moretus Museum is an historical museum about the printer family Plantin-Moretus. The building with the printing office is located at the Friday flea Market in Antwerp.


The Rubens House is the former home of Peter Paul Rubens at Wapper 9-11 Antwerp. The house is now a museum.

Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Closed due to renovations until 2018.

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Eating OUT

Easy, close by:
100m - De Nieuwe Linde - Belgian - Pacificatiestraat 49 -
170m - Finjan - Lebanese - Graaf van Hoornestraat 1 -
180m - Fino - Italian - Kasteelstraat 57 -
310m - Muro - Turkish - Verschansingstraat 61 -
310m - El Z’Hoor - Moroccan - Verschansingstraat 28 -

Slightly further away, more upmarket:
100m - Kommilfoo - Vlaamse Kaai 17 -
390m - Het Gerecht - Belgian/French - Amerikalei 20 -
430m - Matty - Brederodestraat 23 -

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Eating IN

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1.7 km - LA Gym Premium Antwerpen Zuidpool - Riemstraat 37 -
1.1 km - Bikram Hot Yoga Antwerp - Vorstermanstraat 7 -
1.4 km - Classic Pilates - Tolstraat 17 -
0.5 km - Body Pulse - Pacificatiestraat 3 -
3.0 km - Basic Fit - Mechelsesteenweg 138 -


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